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In Pursuit of Jesus: DVD & Study Guide

In Pursuit of Jesus: DVD & Study Guide

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Take a cultural journey across the world in search of Jesus today.

Jesus is one of the most talked about figures in history. Some love Him. Some hate Him. Many are simply indifferent. No matter where you stand on that spectrum, He’s notable enough that it’s worth finding out more about Him and His impact on this world. 

Travel with Rasool Berry as he visits six countries—the United States (New York City), Sweden, Argentina, South Africa, Israel, and Singapore—on a journey to discover how people around the globe uniquely reflect and live out the message of Jesus in their communities. Along the way, he talks with Christians and non-Christians to piece together a mosaic of Jesus. This intriguing travel documentary will give you a rich understanding of how people in various cultures perceive Jesus, and it will challenge you to consider how your own upbringing influences your view of Him.

So pick up your passport. It’s time to pursue Jesus. 

Episode Theme

1 New York City The Good Man

2 Singapore The Spiritual Leader

3 Sweden The Revolutionary

4 Argentina The Liberator

5 South Africa The Savior

6 Israel - Galilee The Divine

7 Israel - Jerusalem The Mission

Seven episodes, approximately 25 minutes each 


Includes a study guide with questions for individual or small group use.

Seven devotional videos featuring people from around the world

Twenty-one short commentaries asking important life questions

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