Ed's Story, Part 1 (DVD)

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In a series of brief films, former pastor Ed Dobson shares his journey toward a new quality of life and purpose after being diagnosed with ALS.

Having been diagnosed with ALS and given a short time to live, former pastor Ed Dobson developed a series of brief films that openly and honestly express his personal story. In a down-to-earth way he tells us about the challenges of facing the reality of suffering and death.

Encouraging others who are wrestling with a life-threatening illness and those who are providing support, Dobson offers words of hope. As he takes us along on an uncommon journey toward a new quality of life and purpose, he shares a passion for life that explores emotions, attitudes, and healing.

Films featured in this DVD include:

Film 1: It Ain't Over
It can be hard to find hope when it seems your world is falling apart. Sharing his struggle with suffering and issues of identity, forgiveness, gratitude, and healing, Dobson offers a fresh view on finding hope in God.

Film 2: Consider the Birds
So often we try to control what happens in life. Dobson encourages us to live in the moment and reminds us that God holds our future.

Film 3: Be There
Sometimes our presence alone can be all that's needed to comfort those who are suffering. Through Dobson's journey we can see how at times it is better to "show up and shut up."

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Publish Date Dec 31, 2012
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